About work

*** If abroad, seeks 3 to 6-month projects or up to 3 to 6-month acquaintance/contact and remote working from Brazil ***

I am a “full-stack”* programmer and work in a per-project basis. I can act in the implementation of your project since its conception until hiring people to its future maintenance/scaling. In startup words, since the beginning, participating in the definition of your MVP, until its delivery, hiring more people to scale it and training them if necessary.

Also, I am highly capable to learn fast and can assume projects that are in production with programming language or technologies I do not currently know in reasonable time, mainly for the previous knowledge in various projects, programming languages, databases and infrastructure.

Technologies I am experienced with

Programming languages in alphabetical order:: Java (Apex), Java/Scala, JavaScript, PHP (3+), Python, Ruby.

Frameworks: Salesforce, Play Framework, jQuery, Angular, React Native, NodeJS, Laravel, Google App Engine, Ruby on Rails.

Cloud: Amazon (S3, SES/SNS, EC2, RDS, DynamoDB).

Linux: Slackware, Debian (began with: Slackware 95, since kernel 1.2.13), appliance development; training and course material development.

Other important skills

Development and documentation of APIs, even if there’s not even one screen, for a complete roadmap view even before the project had started; documented integrated teste; integration of legacy systems.

Technologies with which I’d like to be involved

Java: to deepen knowledge (that was basic, only using Play Framework and Salesforce), specially with JEE.

Scala and Kotlin: I think they are important and would like that challenge; the former because it offers some functional programming in a JVM and the latter for it’s a JVM extension with an expressive language.

Some past personal work

May 2015 – jan 2016

Python backend using Google App Engine to provide user-input data (including a markdown parser implementation) for a marketing dashboard. Followed strict guidelines that were critical requirements to any project in such company.

Nov 2014 – jan 2015

Consultant in a Microsoft Sharepoint project for a 20000+ employee company.

Jan 2013 – sep 2014

Frontend programmer using Play Framework (2.x – 2.2.x) to customise platforms, making heavy use of the submodule and templating system.

Dec 2011 – sep 2012

Salesforce: Customisation for a 4000+ employee company. This project made heavy use of the SFDC Force.com structure to heavily extend the platform (100+ tables).

Dec 2010 – oct 2011

Ruby of Rails backend using legacy code (2.3.5 – maintenance & new features) for a social network that grew from the beginning to 3000+ users from an AAA group.

Sep 2008 – nov 2009

Two Ruby on Rails sites, Amazon-hosted (EC2/S3), for a brazilian book publisher (500+ employee). Every aspect – contract, designer outsourcing and implementation – was taken care of.

May 2005 – jun 2008

Customisation for the Telecentros program Linux distribution that ran as a thin client in up to 300+ physical units (3000+ computers). Software for management of the schedule for every unit for São Paulo citizens; software for management of the support team for every unit.

Apr 2004 – may 2005

Development of a software to manage the councillor’s agenda; modernisation of the cabinet’s computers.

May 2002 – sep 2003

Site and moderated chat programming. Real-time video streaming using Windows Media and Helix. Tailor-made to support up to 500000 hits/day.

Jan 2001 – sep 2001

Project & programming for a hosting panel with automatic server configuration upon a database that was configurable by the end users (cPanel, WHM-like). At its finale, it managed more than 5000 domains.

* it means, in this case, I am capable of working in infrastructure, analysis, determining and programming APIs, making databases and programming the screens that will consume such data, be them in mobile (iOS or Android) or web.